Christian healing

Healing happens! I wanted a place to share the sweet stories of God's grace and power that people send to me. Lift up your heart with joy to the Lord! Rejoice, be glad, and praise God's wonderful works to the children of men.

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Finding a home

A visitor told me the lecture last spring (God is Speaking to You) was very meaningful to her and changed the way she thought about things. She worked to listen to God and be obedient immediately. Her parents’ home was destroyed in New Orleans and they had moved to Birmingham. They were looking for a home/apt and couldn’t seem to find anything that suited them. She said her parents were out one day when this clear thought came to her to take a walk right then. It seemed like an angel message so she did. She said there were specific thoughts to turn here, walk so far, then turn there, etc until she found herself in front of a house, the perfect place for her parents. She expressed a lot of gratitude for learning to listen and obey immediately.
- Birmingham, AL