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Healing happens! I wanted a place to share the sweet stories of God's grace and power that people send to me. Lift up your heart with joy to the Lord! Rejoice, be glad, and praise God's wonderful works to the children of men.

Saturday, March 03, 2018

Lost shipment found

I am working with understanding God as incorporeal, Spirit filling all space.  Also the standard of perfection being God and man.  I work in a paint company and work all the time with the concept of a standard.  We have to make the color requested to meet a high standard and there is a specific formula to get to that standard.  The unity of God and man manifests the standard of perfection.

I am so grateful to see a glimpse of the Christ in my friend when we were having a problem locating a community theatre we were trying to get to and she said to continue down the road in the opposite direction we were being led in and it got us to the right place.  Also, I just heard from a trucking company that they located our freight that they had lost, and they were able to ship it to our customer. I was very grateful because we didn't have the product in stock to replace it. We would have had to airfreight the product, and this is for an exterior construction project, and they were trying to get the project done before it got too cold.
-Debbie in Charlotte

Thursday, March 01, 2018

God is speaking to everyone

Where I work I have kind of designated myself as a PR person to our customers. Because they might have to wait for their order to be filled it seems only appropriate to engage in conversation and make them a little more comfortable.
One day last week a man came in and we began to talk about military service. He said he had been a paratrooper and wanted to tell me how he knew there was a God. Well, that intrigued me immediately! He told me how dangerous it could be and how when you jump out of a plane you could be blown back into the plane--or jump and start spinning and go straight down. Or get tangled or have a chute that's not opening. To be honest I had never thought about parachuting. So he said that on one particular occasion he jumped and got tangled in the cords and found himself upside down and could not extract himself. But then he said that a voice told him, "Remember when you were younger and played in the big tree and were upside down and did certain maneuvers to climb back up? Do that!" Then he said, "So I did pull up the way the voice said, and I was uprighted, untangled and able to pull the cord and land safely." I said, "Why, you heard an angel message." He said, "I know it. There is a God and He saved me." And with that, he went beaming out the door!
-Nancy in Tallahassee

A lesson in listening for divine direction

I stopped at the store before going to a client’s house.  I placed my phone in my work bag as I was getting out of the car.  I locked my car with the key and put the key in my pocket.  I went to the bathroom, picked up the vegetables I needed, and checked out. On my way out of the store, I looked for my keys to get ready to unlock the car. I searched my uniform pockets and my outer coat pockets. I took everything out of my purse. I went outside to the car to see if I had missed getting them into my pocket, but still, no keys. I started to pray that God knows where the keys are, and if I would be calm, divine Mind would let me know where they were.
I asked salespeople if any keys had been turned in, and I retraced my steps from the bathroom to the produce area. While I was checking the bathroom stalls, the thought came that I should use the bathroom while I was there. But I thought instead I should call a locksmith and call my office to tell them I was locked out of my car. I knew I would have to wait for the locksmith to come, and I was very worried that even if the locksmith opened the door, without keys I would not be able to drive. I was in a town an hour away from home. Who could drive me to my client’s home? I needed to protect the privacy of my client.
With the salesperson's help, phone, and phone book, I was able to get a locksmith and to leave a message for my office. I did one more round of my route, pockets, and purse. I found myself in the bathroom yet again. The thought was I really should use the bathroom while I was waiting. As I sat down, I found my keys. I forgot that I had worn a uniform jacket under my overcoat, and the pockets had gotten pushed back to the sides, out of my reach. But if I had stopped to listen to that small voice while I searched the bathroom earlier, I would have quickly found the keys. With no calls to the locksmith or office, I would have been on time to work. I was grateful for the extra blessings, though. There was no service charge, the staff was very understanding, and I was able to make a full shift for my client.
-Star in Murfreesboro

Worrying averted through prayer during search for lost purse

Worrying averted through prayer during search for lost purse

I was shopping recently, and after going to several stores had to drive for another half hour to get to the final store.  When I started to get out of the car I realized that I didn’t have my purse with me.  My sister was driving, and we drove all the way back to the last store to get my purse.  However, they didn’t have it.  It had not been turned in.  I then went to the other stores where we had previously shopped, and it wasn’t at those places either.
I went home and began praying, with the thought that nothing is ever lost in God’s kingdom.
After several days, I called my credit card companies to see if there was any activity on those cards.  There was none.  However, I cancelled the cards and requested new numbers.  I also ordered a new driver’s license.
And of course, I called a practitioner to know the truth with me.  One item that bothered me was that my house keys were in the purse, and whoever had the purse would also know my home address (from the driver’s license). The practitioner and I prayed to know that Principle was at work, and that God and we are to know that people are inherently honest. I kept calling the stores to have them continue checking to see if someone had turned in my purse.
I had been very worried.  However, after the second week I decided to “let go and let God,” and I released the entire situation to His blessing.  I felt such freedom!!
The day that I released all to God my driver’s license was slid through my mail slot along with the mail.  On it was a note that one of the stores had my wallet!  That same day my driver’s license arrived from the Dept. of Transportation.
The lady that had left the license had also given me her phone number.  I left a message for her to call me back, and when she did she told me that my entire purse was at the store. and that since she lived nearby she’d be happy to deliver it to me.  What a fantastic offer!!  However, I couldn’t wait, so that next morning I quickly drove to the store and retrieved my purse, but nobody could tell me where they found it or how that after 2 weeks it should suddenly appear.  I called the lady back, and she told me that after 2 weeks the store donates all of the lost and found articles to charities, and somehow my purse got into that pile, which was way in the back of the store.  She apologized profusely that it took 2 weeks to locate the purse, but that the holidays had many new workers who probably were unaware of that particular lost and found location.
I am so very grateful for Christian Science, for the special help of practitioners, and for the gifts from God which we have daily.
Barbara in Philadelphia

Sunday, March 06, 2016

Through prayer wallet found on road

My husband and I own a salvage yard where we sell used car parts. One day last week a man came in and bought an alternator. He left the shop and about twenty minutes later he came back in  to see if he had left his wallet inside. Everyone in the office checked and the wallet was not to be found. He went down to the corner store where he had just been and the wallet was not there either. So now he  was outside walking the driveway to see if he had dropped it, but still no wallet. He started  checking all through his truck, taking things out, looking under seats etc. One of our employees went to help  and still no success. By now I decided to go out. The man was very upset. All his id's and money were in there and he did not want to think someone had taken it. So I stood out in the parking lot. The sky was clear, the sun so warm and welcoming, and I lifted my head and thanked our Father, divine
Mind for always providing our every need, and that even if we had not found the wallet nothing was impossible to God. I also prayed and knew that man is honest  and that it was right for this man to have his wallet.  I knew God would give us an answer. After a minute,  I went back to the man and asked if he had opened the hood. He said he didn't think so but then remembered he had, to check our part with his and make sure it matched. I then asked if he could have set his wallet down under the hood. We checked but it wasn't there. So I then said to him  that if he drove back from where he just came it might have fallen out. He stayed awhile longer putting things back in his truck and then left. I went back in to my desk area  and in a little while he came back in  with a big grin and pulled out the wallet. He had driven down the road and noticed a dark article just off the side of the road and decided to stop....and there it was!!!! Thank you Father!      
- Nancy in Tallahassee

Friday, March 04, 2016

Cell phone found in gym

Shortly after our February message on divine Love, I had a beautiful tangible few hours in New York City knowing for a fact that everyone I saw was the loved of Love.  I knew that if anything was true that this was true.  I knew that this truth was a healing truth and it really radiated and was glowing to me.  I was so happy to know this as a tangible reality!  The next day I woke up still so happy and went to the gym.  When I got home I walked around recalling the tangibility of divine Love and a thought came that if God's man is loved, then God's man does not need to take anything from anyone but is provided with exactly what he/ she needs.  and as I went off to next part of day, I realized I didn't have my phone!  I hopped in car with my sister and each of us praying silently.  The phone and my bottle of water weren't even moved.  and so while I felt so blessed already by knowing how loved man is, the day before, I felt extra extra blessed in that I was guarded in thought even before I realized I may have left the phone at the gym.  and I also was on time for my next appointment that day!  

After our church lesson on Mind, I had the opportunity to practice knowing the tangibility of the one Mind.  This was once again while in New York City.  and I felt that it was in reality tangible and was the reality of all thought and intelligence around me.  
- N Camacho

Here's the message on divine Love she is referring to...

Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your might.  Deut 6:5
God is Love. God is the source of love.  You are always loved. You don't need to earn love or be worthy of God's love.  God is simply Love and loves like the sun simply shines and warms all who stand in the sunshine. Love isn't limited to a person or restricted to the love which we express to one another.  If we can expand our understanding of Love to realize that we are within Love, we can continuously feel that love and be loved.  We can understand how to love God with all our heart, soul and might.  God loves, and we reflect God's love toward God and God's ideas. We are reflecting the light of love as a mirror reflects light.  Mirror God's love and you will begin to glimpse the pulsating rhythm of love reflecting Love until all is Love.

Monday, October 19, 2015

Locked out in rural Alaska

Locked Out Without Worry by Nancy Tankersley   October 2015

“Let neither fear nor doubt overshadow your clear sense and calm trust, that the recognition of life
harmonious — as Life eternally is — can destroy any painful sense of, or belief in, that which Life is not.” This advice from Mary Baker Eddy’s book Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures (495:14–20) rang true during a situation I experienced last summer. My adult daughter Molly and I had been on a road trip to a remote part of Alaska. On our way back home to Anchorage one afternoon, we stopped to visit a friend and clip some willow branches on the outskirts of his
rural village for a fencing project. It appeared that he was away from home overnight, so I went ahead to collect the willows and then planned to drive the remaining four hours home. I asked my daughter to drive my car along the gravel road behind me and stop once in a while to pick up the willows. After about 10 minutes, she got out of the car to speak to me. And then said “Oh no Mom, I just locked the keys in the car!” So there we were, on an isolated road with infrequent traffic, with our cell phones, wallets, keys, clothes and other belongings locked inside the car. She was wearing shorts, and it was beginning to rain. The only neighbor I knew nearby had already left for his winter home in Arizona. I was aware of only a few other houses somewhere nearby. Humanly, it was a difficult, uncomfortable situation, fifteen miles from the nearest town that had commercial services.

But instead of experiencing anger, worry, fear, or anxiety, I just felt a sense of calm and wonder. Something like “I wonder how God is going to help us” went through my mind calmly.  We stood there a minute, and then unexpectedly, a neighborhood woman drove up, who was running an errand for her husband. I explained our situation, and asked if there was a locksmith in the town 15 miles away. She responded no, but that she would go get Pete, a neighbor, to help.

Well, Pete was a commercial fisherman, with a very complete tool shop. Within 35 minutes, he had the car door unlocked and undamaged. We were on our way with hardly a delay. “Saint Pete” I called him afterwards.  And I realized she was an “angel,” lovingly helping her husband exactly at the time that we also needed help.

I’m very grateful for my understanding of Christian Science and divine Love for the “clear sense and calm trust” in God’s law of harmony that can meet our everyday needs.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Testimony March 24, 2014 Christian Science Sentinel

 March 12, 2012 you gave a lecture "Texting God: Effective Short Prayers" at Tenth Church in Portland, Oregon.  I just wanted you to know that the testimony in the 3-24-14 Sentinel (p. 16-17) was fruitage from that lecture.  I was on the lecture committee and I was amazed when my son spontaneously drew on the ideas you had shared with him over a year prior!  He just graduated from Discovery Bound's NLC program and they required he write up a hearing and this is what came to his mind.  - E.G.L.  from Portland

Sunday, December 01, 2013

How to heal a boring class

This is given with permission...In Sunday School I help teach the middle class students. This year we have asked them to bring questions we might help them answer  and how to use Christian Science to  solve problems. One young lady wanted to know what to do about a boring teacher? We started with Science and Health by Mary Baker Eddy 476-477 "Jesus beheld in Science the perfect " teacher where a boring teacher appears to mortals, and how a correct view heals. I also told her to start with one good thing about the teacher and then build on it. About a month later the young lady's mother said "Don't you want tell her what happened?"   She then pulled out a list of the qualities she saw in the teacher. #1 If someone needs something she will help #2 She calls on her students equally #3 She has different activities based on different peoples ways of learning #4 If people can't see the board she will let them move or sit on the floor #5 she makes sure we are ready for our tests #6 she is understanding #7 she tries to make class fun.     The kids decided this really was a good teacher and they were enjoying her class. So it was a big disappointment when she had to leave the school for personal reasons. But before she did ,  the young lady gave her a card and added the wonderful qualities she saw in her , and of course the teacher cried for the thoughtfulness of the student.  And she said to me  "Christian Science really works!"        Nancy in Tallahassee