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Sunday, July 16, 2006

Prayer and avoiding the deer

I'm learning every day the importance of being obedient to following persistent (God) thoughts. A few months ago when I started this serious study of Christian Science, I followed EVERY thought as if it were a God thought. NOT A GOOD IDEA. I chased a lot of nothing. What I should say is that I'm learning to FIRST discern if it's a thought from God and THEN I pursue it.

Regarding the number of deer jumping into the road, I reasoned that if man was the full reflection of infinite intelligence and if animals were a lesser idea, lesser than the whole reflection of infinite intelligence still they certainly had enough intelligence to instruct them to look both ways before crossing, to know how to care for itself, and to be considerate to humans - their cars, their properties. That even a lesser comprehension of the whole was enough - MORE than enough - so that everyone and everything could exist harmoniously.

I had three immediate opportunites to demonstrate this idea of protection for deer and people.

1. Around 6AM, I got in my car and went out for decaf coffee. On the way home, a deer walked out from a location where I had NEVER in the past seen a deer - couldn't have imagined seeing a deer in this spot. She ran into the road, I stopped - very unceremoniously - and we looked at each other for a long, long time. I so appreciated her beauty, grace, calm, and intelligence. Then off she went.

2. This was Sunday so I got ready for church and took my usual route. From a very safe distance, a tiny baby deer - barely able to walk - hopped down onto the road from a very little embankment - someone's front yard in an old, established neighborhood - not where I had ever seen or expected to see a deer!!!!! As the baby deer hopped onto the road, it fell - it's legs were wobbly. It was soooo cute. It was followed by two siblings. Then, the mother, who did look in my direction. When she looked in my direction it was if she was saying thank you for waiting.

3. Later the same day, as I neared my exit on the turnpike which is close to Valley Forge Park (LOTS and LOTS of deer), I suddenly found myself alone on the road. Normally this exit is very crowded and the driving speed close to 80 mph! You can guess what I'm about to say....... There was a deer standing by the road - his front feet on the white line of the road. He looked like he was trying to decide what to do. Normally, they jump into the road. This deer, looked at me, the only car on the road, and decided to step back. He wasn't afraid, he didn't jump, he stepped back. It was beautiful.

Small incidents, but such indications of love. It's such a tangible expression of "I am with you - trust me - I'm leading". There it is - God is leading all of us, deer and people.