Christian healing

Healing happens! I wanted a place to share the sweet stories of God's grace and power that people send to me. Lift up your heart with joy to the Lord! Rejoice, be glad, and praise God's wonderful works to the children of men.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Praying about contagion

A few weeks back I got an email saying they'd diagnosed a case of something contagious at my school. It was something that was getting lots of media attention at the time. Earlier that day I had been trying to understand that if I truly was to be giving 5 treatments for others each day, that God would send the case, so to speak, give me the work to do. I was trying to use what you'd said about it not being a matter of human perfectionism. Literally half an hour later I got the email. Since I already knew God had sent the work, I knew it was already successful--that He would send the right ideas. And it did work that way, to where I wasn't trying to figure out how to pray about it; instead, the way to was just presented to me! At the end of that day, I was supposed to hand out a letter to go home to parents, and there was significant fear expressed. I even had to avoid the temptation to bring up the subject with some teachers with whom I was walking out of the building. At some point before I returned to school--I think it was actually the next morning as I read the Lesson--the right ideas came. There was not even a hint of a bit of a trace of anything to do with the "situation" that came my way that day...or any day since then! I was almost surprised, but knew I didn't need to be. It was truly amazing to me, though, and I was so grateful because I knew that my prayer had contributed to that. And it was really God doing the work...not me. I'm loving getting glimpses of that...I know I'm progressing toward understanding that more clearly and living it more consistently.
- E. Deyerle

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Found a job through prayer

It is me again! " jejeje" (rejoicing) what is happening is that I want to continue sharing the marvels that God has made in my life.

First of all I want to share with all of you that one of my jobs is teaching and last week they informed me that for several reasons I was not going to have the same hourly rate which meant to me a strong blow economically speaking on my budget, because I am a single mom and I take care completely of my son, of the house rent, and of all the ocurring expenses, of paying my brother´s school and also of helping my mother because she has lost her job. All of this hurt me strongly because I felt that everything had come at the same time and I started to pray and to be greatful to God because I was strong right here to continue struggling and speaking to God that nothing that was happening to me in this moment will weaken my faith on Him, but contrariwise I trusted that everything was going to be better. I began to speak with a Christian Science Practitioner and she through the msn e.mail was sending me readings and prayers which I always read with much faith.

I want to shout to all of you how great God is, and how He manifested in a marvellous way in my life. Today more than ever I know that He made us unique and perfect as He is, and that He is not far from us even though everything might seem obscure, and that the things that He makes have a purpose . This week in my other job they gave me an increase and they called my mother to give her a job that she had been searching for some time.

This is the way in which God presents himself, in this way and in a thousand of ways He tells us that He loves us, because He wants to remove your pain.

-E. Díaz Mexico

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Healed of effects of fall

We had a mini fruitage meeting this evening and our reading room librarian shared a testimony by a man who has regularly visited the reading room to listen to the Bible lesson. He went to the lecture. When he went to the reading room on Monday morning, he reported that he fallen and hurt his hip. But he refused to see God's man as fallen. He was rejoicing that he was fine. He thanked us for the lecture.
- San Antonio

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Instant healing of twisted ankle

Thanks for sharing the treatment in the lecture preparation workshop about the boy getting hit with hardball in the head . I used it on leaving the house for the lecture on Saturday, I flew out of the house and do not even remember my feet touching the steps as I left the front stoup and and the next thing I knew I was face down in the grass. I twisted an ankle. But fortunately God had not twisted her I got up brushed off the grass and went to the lecture and stood the whole time. I kept thinking about the truth behind the statement was that there was an unbreakable link between God and me that animated my whole being in Her likeness untouched by human events. I did not miss a beat that afternoon or the next day from my regular busy weekend routine.
- S. Johnson

The story referred to a little boy who was hit in the head with a fast pitched hard ball. When he got home, this is how he prayed, "God has not been hit with a baseball, so I have not been hit by a baseball. God is not hurt, so I am not hurt." And with that he was instantly healed.

Sunday, February 03, 2008

Healing of diabetes - translation

It is with great pleasure that I send you this testimony and how the truth has been revealed to me, in my search for Love and Truth. In my thought it has been revealed and it urges me to explain this experience.

As you know during your visit to Cd. Victoria I told you that I was suffering from diabetes and that I had been taking lemon water and this has produced a lessening in the glucose levels in my blook and I could tell this because I did the tests daily, also I told you that I was like Thomas. “until I see, I don’t believe” And then I attended the lecture “Demuestra ahora el poder del Amor” (Prove the Power of Love) on November 4, at the end of which I came up to you in order to say good bye, but I didn’t ask you to pray for me. I saw such a sweet look in you that I left very happy. I had for several days my left leg and foot very inflamed and with a discoloration very red and various friends of mine can confirm this because they saw me and they had commented about it.

Well, in those 2 or 3 days following the lecture what occurred was the inflammation disappeared and I am perfectly well. I don’t take any more medicine and I was taking 4 pills daily and I don’t take any more lemon water.

My joy has been so great about my health because it has been proved like Thomas I have been healed and saved. This is how I feel and it has been manifested to my friends and family in order to give testimony to the great experience that has filled me with joy, peace and happiness to prove that God exists and is Truth and that He loves us.

- I. Canales

Sanacion de diabetes

Con mucho gusto hago presente este testimonio que al fin me ha sido revelada la verdad, en mi búsqueda del Amor y la Verdad. En mi pensamiento se me acaba de revelar y me apresuro a explicar este acontecimiento.

Usted sabe que durante su visita a Cd. Victoria le comenté que padecía de diabetes y que yo había estado tomando agua de limón y esto me habría producido una baja en los niveles de glucosa en mi sangre y yo lo podía afirmar porque me hacía las pruebas del glucómetro diariamente; también le dije a Usted que yo como Santo Tomás: “hasta no ver, no creer”. Y luego de que asistí a la Conferencia “Demuestra ahora el poder del Amor” del día 4 de noviembre, al término de la misma, me acerqué a Usted para despedirme, pero yo no le pedí que orara Usted por mí salud. Le ví una mirada tan dulce que me dejó muy contenta. Yo tenía unos días con mi perna y mi pie izquierdos muy inflamados y con una coloración muy roja y esto lo pueden atestiguar varias personas amigas mías que me vieron y les comenté sobre esto.

Pues bien, en estos dos o tres días siguientes que han transcurrido, la inflamación y el enrojecimiento han desaparecido y estoy perfectamente. No tomo más medicamentos ( tomaba 4 pastillas diariamente) ni más agua de limón.

Ha sido tan grande mi gozo tanto por mi salud como por comprobar que como Santo Tomás, he sido sanada y salvada. Así me siento y así lo he manifestado a amigos y familiares para dar testimonio de tan grande acontecimiento que me han llenado de gozo, de paz y de felicidad al comprobar que Dios existe, que esVerdad, y que nos ama.

- I. Canales

Boy healed - translation

I want to share my testimony, to begin I have a son named Diego who is a beautiful child. It all started in December when Diego got sick with a very serious cold that complicated over time. No medicine had an effect until one day I had to take him to the hospital because they told me that he had bronchial pneumonia. This occurred almost 8 months ago until my son couldn’t handle any more medicine (the medicine had no effect) and every day had cold, fever, phlegm etc.

One day my boss told me that his wife studied Christian Science y how it had been helping in many questions and well he invited us one day to his house in order to talk with his wife, she gave all one afternoon to talk with us explaining how Christian Science works and well it seemed to me very interesting and I began to read the book that she gave me.

Later she told me that Elise Moore was coming to give some lectures about Christian Science and tell how to pray and how to feel closer to God, so I attended and I liked it a lot and began to put into practice what I was learning little by little.

One night my son got sick again with this problem of bronchitis and began to have difficulties breathing, fever, cough, crying and more crying, I was alone, I didn’t have a car, I didn’t have any medicine, I didn’t have any money, I didn’t have a telephone in order to call someone that could help me, but I remembered what I had learned in the Christian Science lecture and I began to practice it and I began to pray affirming that my son was a child of God that was made in His image and likeness therefore he couldn’t be sick because God had made him well and without suffering that he was a happy child, intelligent, and healthy; I prayed like this until suddenly my son began to breathe calmly, stopped crying, his chest stopped making that fearful noise like it had been forever and he went to sleep. Since then my son hasn’t been sick, ie no sickness returned, and today he is a completely healthy child and this for me was the greatest proof to me of the power that Christian Science has.

- E. Diaz

Nino sanado

Quiero compartirles mi testimonio, para empezar les voy a platicar que tengo un hijo que se llama Diego el cual es un niño hermoso. Todo empezó en Diciembre cuando Die enfermo de una gripe muy leve que con el tiempo se complicó, ningún medicamento le hacía efecto hasta que un día tuve que internarlo porque me dijeron que tenía bronconeumonía, así transcurrieron casi 8 meses hasta que mi hijo ya no soportaba ningún medicamento y todos los días tenia gripe, fiebre, flemas, etc.

Un día mi jefe me platicó que su esposa estudiaba la Ciencia Cristiana y como esto los había ayudado en muchas cuestiones y pues nos invitó un día a su casa para que platicarnos con su esposa, ella nos dio toda una tarde de plática para explicarnos como funcionaba la Ciencia Cristiana y pues a mí me pareció muy interesante y empecé a leer el libro que nos regaló.

Después nos comentó que vendría la Sra. ELise Moore a dar unas conferencias sobre Ciencia Cristiana y como orar para tener y estar mas cerca de Dios, asistí y me gusto mucho y empecé a poner en práctica lo que poco a poco aprendía.

Una noche mi hijo enfermó otra vez con sus problemas de bronquitis empezó a tener dificultades para respirar, fiebre, tos, llanto y mas llanto yo estaba sola, no tenía carro, no tenía medicina, no tenía dinero, ni teléfono para hablarle a alguien que me ayudara, pero me acordé de lo que había aprendido en la Conferencia de la CC y lo empecé a practicar y empecé a orar afirmando que mi hijo era un hijo de Dios que estaba hecho a su imagen y semejanza por lo tanto no podía estar mal porque Dios todo lo hizo bien y sin sufrimientos, que era un niño alegre, inteligente y sano; así que de pronto mi hijo empezó a respirar tranquilo, dejo de llorar, su pecho le dejo de hacer ese espantoso ruido de siempre y se quedó dormido. Desde entonces mi hijo no ha vuelto a enfermarse hoy es un niño completamente sano y esto para mi fue la prueba más grande del poder que tuvo en mí la Ciencia Cristiana.

- E. Diaz