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Healing happens! I wanted a place to share the sweet stories of God's grace and power that people send to me. Lift up your heart with joy to the Lord! Rejoice, be glad, and praise God's wonderful works to the children of men.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Healings from Michigan lecture

As most of you know, the first few days of November 2008 held many wonderful Lecture/Outreach activities that were quite fruitful. Mrs. Elise Moore, CSB, delivered an in-person Lecture Prep meeting on Sat., Nov. 1st, followed by a public lecture on Nov. 2nd, an interfaith Prayer Panel discussion on Nov. 3rd, and a private lecture to the Grosse Pointe Ministerial Society on Nov. 4th. Our community was just bursting with Christly activity during that period, as each of these events blessed so many.
For those interested in the “numbers,” the Lecture was attended by about 115 people, with about 40 of those being visitors; the Prayer Panel had about 80 attendees with about 60 newcomers; and the Grosse Pointe Ministerial Meeting was attended by 15 religious leaders from a variety of churches and denominations in our community.
While there is no way that we can be aware of all the blessings wrought during those days in November, here are a few that we know about:

§ One young mother who attended the Lecture told the church member who invited her of several healings after the lecture. Her 10-year-old child, who had been a chronic bed-wetter all his life, had his first uninterrupted night of sleep following the lecture because his mother spoke to him of the healing truths she had heard earlier that day. The boy has now been completely healed of this condition, his mother reports, and she and he both know that “the healing came from God.” In addition, the same mother’s daughter was healed immediately of the symptoms of a bad cold by applying simple truths from Christian Science. This mother also contacted the lecturer via email in the days following the event, even expressing her interest in one day becoming a Christian Science practitioner or nurse, which the lecturer assured her she could do if she committed herself to study and prayer. The mother also was able to find a job and end some legal troubles a month before they were scheduled to go to trial—all of this she attributes to Christian Science.

§ A man raised in Christian Science (but not currently practicing) attended the Prayer Panel Discussion and communicated with a member that since the meeting, he has been working with “Christian Science thoughts” and has been making great progress in his battle against depression. The idea that helped him was that there is “not one element of error in a spiritual idea of God.” More recently, he said he has felt completely free of depression, after waking up one day and realizing that “he had been given the gift of joy.”

§ At the Ministerial Meeting, two local religious leaders who had been openly antagonistic to Christian Science in the past, both commented on how wonderful Elise Moore’s presentation was and how “hospitable” we were as a church. In addition, our member who represents our church at the Grosse Pointe Ministerial meetings says she has felt more respected and welcome by the group ever since the meeting hosted by our church. Two months later, she says the ministers in the group are still talking about Elise Moore’s presentation.

§ At the Prayer Panel Discussion, at least 8-10 visitors asked us if we would host a similar event again next year.

§ A Catholic pharmacist attended the lecture and loved the talk—it was the second one she has attended sponsored by our church. She saw the ad in the Grosse Pointe News and also knows one of our members. Another person attended the Lecture because of the sign that was placed out front that he read when passing by the church. One visitor who attended the Lecture has been attending church services regularly since then. The majority of our Sunday School students attended the Lecture—even some showed up who had said that morning in church that they would be unable to attend.

Let’s thank God for the wonderful blessings and healings we have witnessed and for the receptive hearts in the Grosse Pointes and surrounding areas who are willing to receive God's outpouring of love.