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Saturday, November 09, 2013

Healing of allergies

Over the past several weeks I have had a wonderful awakening from a LONG held belief I was allergic to Chrysanthemums. Fifty seven years ago my fiancé and I attended a formal banquet in November. I was given a beautiful Mum corsage which I wore on my shoulder and the tables were decorated with lovely large golden chrysanthemum plants. About half way through the dinner I had a severe asthma attack. At the time I was a student in nurses training and knew very little about Christian Science.
My fiancé rushed me to a nearby hospital emergency room and I was given several injections and oxygen to help me breath. The emergency room staff told me it was most likely the chrysanthemums that had caused such an awful reaction.
I spent the next forty five years in the nursing profession and avoided chrysanthemums at all cost. I had the belief of several other severe allergies and carried emergency medications with me every where and continued to avoid anything I thought would trigger an attack.
I enjoyed relatively good health and treated minor complaints with “over the counter” medications. I went to doctors for routine check ups and to renew the prescriptions for the emergency medications I thought were so necessary.
Fast forward to 2002 and I rediscovered Christian Science. I started studying CS in earnest and attended Church services regularly. I had a number of dramatic healings of long standing chronic ailments which included several of the allergies I thought I had. I really hadn’t even thought about chrysanthemums though.
A few weeks ago some neighborhood youth were selling potted plants to raise money for a school trip. My husband ordered a chrysanthemum. When it was delivered I gingerly carried it out to our deck and admired it through the window. Several days later a house guest presented us with a lovely large chrysanthemum plant as a hostess gift. It was late in the evening and I wanted to show my appreciation for the gift so I kept the plant in the house on our breakfast table until our guest departed. The next morning I began experiencing the symptoms of the onset of an asthma attack. I had thrown out all emergency medications years earlier. I felt fearful and was thinking I should not have kept the plant in the house right under my nose. Then the BFO (Blinding Flash of the Obvious), I hadn’t done anything foolish and I realized God never caused me to be allergic to anything and I DID NOT need to be afraid of chrysanthemums.
The really fun part of this experience happened last week when I joined friends for a great bus trip and special luncheon. At the luncheon every table was decorated with a beautiful golden chrysanthemum plant. After the luncheon the plants were given away as door prizes and about five of the plants returned to Tulsa with us on the bus. I am so grateful I had been freed of the idea that I was allergic to these lovely plants and could enjoy a wonderful outing with friends. “Ye shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free.”

- CB, Tulsa