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Friday, May 04, 2012

Let the light in

The other evening I was thinking about light and dark. I was standing on my front porch. The light from the living room was streaming through the open blinds and illuminating the front yard. The thought dawned on me (Pun? I think not) that we never open the blinds to "let in some dark". It's a funny thought, "Open those blinds and let some dark in here. It's too bright." When we open the blinds there is only more light, out there in the yard, the land, the world. We don't lose any of the light that is already in the room. The room doesn't get darker when we let the light "out". This proves that dark is nothingness. It can't spread. It can't propagate. It can't affect light at all. It has no power to do anything. There are no "Power and Dark" companies. Only "Power and Light" companies. There is only light.

In the always, there is light.
-G Hallmark

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