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Friday, May 04, 2012

Accuser not there

 I was inspired by this morning by this passage from Science & Health by Mary Baker Eddy:
 "... the accuser is not there ..."  568:29

It brings to mind the supposed ultimate showdown between the serpent and Truth. It always tends to be, in a way, anti-climatic in the end, as the dragon never shows up. Where is the accuser? Where is the plaintiff? He's not here, your honor. Case dismissed, then. Court adjourned. You are free to go. So we go. Singing and laughing and praising God.

In reality, the accuser turns out to be nothingness. The realization of this absolute truth brings forth (from the side note to that section) a "Paean of jubilee," and that is one amazingly beautiful sound.

I recognize this as I've experienced it multiple times. That's how it works. And I'm so grateful. 

There has never been any written work as right as the entirety of Science and Health.

- G Hallmark

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