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Friday, August 19, 2011

Heaven and Hell article in Aug 22, 2011 Christian Science Sentinel

Thank you for your marvelous insights and Bible references verifying what we know through Christian Science about heaven and hell. Recently, I was watching the 700 Club as Pat interviewed a minister of another Christian church who changed his views on heaven and hell, and wrote about it: Hell Is Real. He claimed he had been taught at Princeton that hell wasn’t real and that everyone was going to heaven, but he changed his understanding when on a private spiritual retreat God lead him through the New Testament showing him all the places where Jesus stated that hell is real ~ not in those exact words. When in prayer I asked God to explain how I am to consider Jesus words and that minister’s words. The reply was: “The word “real” refers to the human understanding and not to God’s reality. Hell has to be “real” in order to make the people see that they must repent from their evil ways. Otherwise, they will continue without salvation.” I deeply appreciate your Bible citations showing that God “will not leave me in hell.” You address this issue so superbly. I will continue to study your article until I can speak about this without hesitation. Your clarity of thought is a tremendous asset to our movement.

Thank you so much and God Bless You!
from New Orleans (Metairie), LA