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Friday, September 30, 2011

Horse protected

I saw this post regarding having one grateful thought on Elise's Facebook page yesterday just before going out to the horses. I had the thought, yes I am grateful but I need to feel the gratitude let it sink in. As I was riding on the trail, I just keep feeling gratitude, very simple actually. As we were nearing the end of the ride we were heading down a trail that I had never been on along side a deep ditch and the thought came to turn around. I immediately started to turn my mare around and her front legs fell through ground. She popped right out since her weight was on her rear and just kept going like nothing had happened. I looked back and an animal had made a burro and the mare's weight was too much. She could have been seriously injured if her weight had been on the front legs. I had a lot to be grateful for at that moment. But it was the feeling that I had experienced earlier that dispelled the frustration I had been feeling before our ride. I am so grateful.
-D Leonard

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