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Saturday, August 20, 2005

More people praying

Have you noticed more and more that prayer is becoming very active in the lives of many people? A recent report on the evening news showed how co-workers get together in their work place to discuss and exchange their views, beliefs and benefits that come from the study of the Bible. The Bible is full of encounters which clearly showed how individuals, families, cities, and kingdoms were saved as they prayed and listened for inspiration and guidance.
Recorded in the Old Testament, is an interesting encounter in which Elisha, a man who trusted in his prayers and performed many healings, found himself and his servant in a difficult situation. (See II Kings Chapter 6). His inspired answer to his servant was: "Fear not: for they that be with us are more than they be with them." This prayer had come to our attention as we heard of the attacks in London and most recently in Egypt. We asked, can we use and trust these words from Elisha? Can we find an answer in prayer? What can prayer do for us as a global family?
This answer seemed clear, we most certainly can trust the inspiration that comes to us through prayer. Spirituality if practical and powerful and enables us to remain confident in the middle of any situation. Prayer provides inpiration and assurance and brings calm. Prayer gives us wisdom, intelligence and guidance. Prayer is with us moment by moment and quietly and precisely is a reliable source providing for the substance of life.

Cristina & Roberta