Christian healing

Healing happens! I wanted a place to share the sweet stories of God's grace and power that people send to me. Lift up your heart with joy to the Lord! Rejoice, be glad, and praise God's wonderful works to the children of men.

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Simple healing

A friend of a member came with a severe cold and was healed during the lecture. He was not familiar with Christian Science, in fact he is Jewish. - Charlotte, NC

Coughing ceased

While giving the talk "The Christianity of Christian Science" in an assisted living facility, a man in a wheelchair in the front row had fits of great difficulty breathing and coughing for the first 5 minutes of the lecture. As he drowned out my mike, I saw the healing Christ comforting him. The difficulty ceased and didn’t recur. We talked afterward and his eyes were shining with delight. - East Lansing, MI

Reading for the first time

A young woman who didn’t know how to read began coming to this church 3 years ago. She volunteered to read Genesis 1:27 (when I asked for a volunteer from the audience…this is nearer the end when people have been reading lots of Bible verses aloud.) She read with a little help from the woman sitting next to her. There were tears in a lot of people’s eyes and she was beaming. This is the first time she has ever read aloud to anyone other than her tutor. - Deltona, FL

Reaching kids

A teenager under house arrest and wearing an ankle band was brought to the talk, "God is Speaking to You". Her aunt arranged to bring her to the lecture. They came in as it started and sat in the back. The teenager had negative body language and looked like she didn’t want to be there. Somewhere in the middle of the talk she turned around, completely absorbed in the message. The Christ speaks to everyone and meets them right where they are. - Dayton, OH

Kids' lives touched

One teenager told me after the lecture "God is Speaking to You" about a ten year old girl sitting next to her who had participated several times answering questions. The little girl’s family was going through tough times. Her Mom had left and she had withdrawn. The teenager said the girl was “into it” meaning into the lecture the entire time. She saw a real change in her during the lecture. She told me how important that was and that it was a healing. - Dayton, OH

Healing of depression

One woman was healed of depression or a mental fog as she put it, which had lasted for 2 years. She had asked for Christian Science prayerful treatment the day of the lecture preparation meeting. She reported a lifting of the problem during the lecture prep and the lecture. The complete healing came within 2 days of the lecture. - Charlotte, NC

Finding a home

A visitor told me the lecture last spring (God is Speaking to You) was very meaningful to her and changed the way she thought about things. She worked to listen to God and be obedient immediately. Her parents’ home was destroyed in New Orleans and they had moved to Birmingham. They were looking for a home/apt and couldn’t seem to find anything that suited them. She said her parents were out one day when this clear thought came to her to take a walk right then. It seemed like an angel message so she did. She said there were specific thoughts to turn here, walk so far, then turn there, etc until she found herself in front of a house, the perfect place for her parents. She expressed a lot of gratitude for learning to listen and obey immediately.
- Birmingham, AL

Pain disappeared

An elderly woman told me that she had been in such pain she didn’t think she could make it to the lecture, "God is Speaking to You". But she’d made the effort to come anyway. She said the pain disappeared during the lecture. She was rejoicing. - Birmingham, AL

Lost objects found

A person lost their car keys after the lecture "God is Speaking to You". She prayed using the ideas for finding lost objects in this lecture and found her keys.

The lecture chair lost an earring in the parking lot of a strip mall. She only realized it when she got home. She prayed using the ideas from the lecture, went back, and found the earring in the busy parking shopping mall parking lot. - Bellaire, TX

Finding a job

3 people that attend this church found jobs or had healings of trouble with employment during the time we were praying for the lecture "God is on the Job". One woman is in a male dominated field and felt pressured to leave. The situation was healed. -Bellaire, TX

Change of thought

At the lecture prep, an elderly woman said she hadn’t liked the title “God is on the Job”. But the day of the lecture prep she was having some work done at her home. She said she wasn’t pleased with the work or the workers. She didn’t think they were doing the work correctly, not doing a good job etc. Then she remembered the title of the lecture coming the next day, God is on the Job. And decided this was correct, that God was on the job at her home. She thought about Principle being on the job, about Truth being on the job, etc. She said as she worked that way she began to see that the workers were doing a good job and actually were doing things that she didn’t even realize needed doing. She was very pleased and changed her opinion of the lecture before it even began. She said this was a healing and that she could see how God was on the job and how that was helpful. Oh, and she enjoyed the lecture as well. - Bedford, England

Healing of headache

During the lecture series, the lecture chair said she had a headache. She mentioned it to another member who reminded her that it was just a “wrong note”, which is a point from the lecture "Being God's Song". She said she had an instantaneous healing thinking about error simply being a wrong note, and was able to come to church, go to lunch and attend the afternoon workshop. - Bedford, England

Healing of cold symptoms

A woman said after the lecture that she had a cold, was sneezing and blowing her nose and didn’t think she could come to the lecture. Her husband urged her to come. She said that she didn’t sneeze, cough or blow her nose once during the lecture and that she was healed and attributed it to coming to the lecture. She and her husband also came to the second lecture. - Bedford, England

Healing of sore neck

The lecture chair had a sore neck. She reported that the moment she drove onto the campus for the lecture, she was healed. - Atlanta GA

Healing of diarrhea

A member of the lecture committee had diarrhea all day, the day of the lecture. She had been praying all day and wondering how she was going to drive to the lecture. But when the time came to leave, she simply decided it was her right place and got in her car. She said when she drove onto the campus, she had an instantaneous healing. She was free and the problem didn’t return. - from Atlanta GA

Healings from Christian Science lectures

Since giving talks on Christian Science across the US and in 5 countries, I've witnessed and heard of such beautiful healings. People are being healed through prayer every day. I'm going to begin sharing this good news, the wonderful healings happening at lectures and due to lectures explaining Christian Science. This is truly the gospel of Christ reaching the hungering heart, and it is having a healing effect. - Elise