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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Can walk stairs now

I am so thankful that I was led to come to California to hear your lecture on "Curing the Incurable" in Sutter Creek, California.  I enjoyed the lecture very much and I came away with so many good thoughts.  Previously, I had watched your lectures on line and I have read a number of your articles. 

Before I attended the lecture, I was having a problem going up and down stairs at my son's house.  A few days later after attending your lecture, I was healed and the stairs were no longer a challenge for me.

I became active in Christian Science at the beginning of this year and my friends, who are not Christian Scientists that came to the lecture with me, have seen how Christian Science has changed my life.  Since they did not know any thing about Christian Science, they wanted to make sure this religion was all right.  Your lecture was very helpful in quieting their fears for me.
With gratitude,
CB, Payette, Idaho

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Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Back pain healed

I wanted to thank you and share my gratitude for your lecture last Sunday in Sutter Creek, CA.  The idea that you shared about the importance of claiming our innocence was pivotal in a healing that I experienced on Tuesday morning.  I was struggling with severe lower back pain which seemed to be brought about by working for an extended period under extreme stress and lack of sleep.  When I forcefully claimed my innocence - not guilty, pure, free - in my prayer and specific metaphysical treatment for myself, I was completely free of the problem within a very short time.
Yeah God!
 - J. Hunt-Brown

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