Christian healing

Healing happens! I wanted a place to share the sweet stories of God's grace and power that people send to me. Lift up your heart with joy to the Lord! Rejoice, be glad, and praise God's wonderful works to the children of men.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Praying about contagion

A few weeks back I got an email saying they'd diagnosed a case of something contagious at my school. It was something that was getting lots of media attention at the time. Earlier that day I had been trying to understand that if I truly was to be giving 5 treatments for others each day, that God would send the case, so to speak, give me the work to do. I was trying to use what you'd said about it not being a matter of human perfectionism. Literally half an hour later I got the email. Since I already knew God had sent the work, I knew it was already successful--that He would send the right ideas. And it did work that way, to where I wasn't trying to figure out how to pray about it; instead, the way to was just presented to me! At the end of that day, I was supposed to hand out a letter to go home to parents, and there was significant fear expressed. I even had to avoid the temptation to bring up the subject with some teachers with whom I was walking out of the building. At some point before I returned to school--I think it was actually the next morning as I read the Lesson--the right ideas came. There was not even a hint of a bit of a trace of anything to do with the "situation" that came my way that day...or any day since then! I was almost surprised, but knew I didn't need to be. It was truly amazing to me, though, and I was so grateful because I knew that my prayer had contributed to that. And it was really God doing the work...not me. I'm loving getting glimpses of that...I know I'm progressing toward understanding that more clearly and living it more consistently.
- E. Deyerle