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Healing happens! I wanted a place to share the sweet stories of God's grace and power that people send to me. Lift up your heart with joy to the Lord! Rejoice, be glad, and praise God's wonderful works to the children of men.

Saturday, December 11, 2004

Translating things into spiritual thoughts works!

When we returned from our last vacation, our backpack, which was our only piece of checked luggage, did not arrive with us on our flight home. I couldn't believe that our backpack was lost, but after a week, the airline sent us claims forms. It had been such a perfect vacation and full of such spiritual growth for both of us, that it didn't seem right to accept an inharmonious event at the end. Throughout our vacation, I had been actively "translating" every experience into its spiritual qualities and both my husband and I had spent our "free" time praying or studying Mrs. Eddy's writings. So I continued to think about the backpack and its contents in terms of the spiritual qualities they expressed - an interesting exercise when it's mostly dirty clothes! A couple of weeks later, it seemed time to complete the claims forms. It took me several hours to make a complete list of the contents, and as I did, I continued to "translate" the material objects into their spiritual realities. Shortly after we went to bed that night, the phone rang. Even before my husband answered it, I knew it was the airline. And it was. They were calling to see if they could deliver our backpack the next day. It arrived intact and unopened from a journey across three continents. This sentence from Science and Health explains how I prayed: "Divine Science, rising above physical theories, excludes matter, resolves things into thoughts, and replaces the objects of material sense with spiritual ideas." (p. 123)