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Thursday, January 06, 2005

Praying about employment

For some, the current economy is challenging. Here’s a response to a reader whose job was eliminated through a work force reduction. This person is having difficulty finding a new career and coping with the situation.

Dear Friend:
Let’s look at John 14:1-3. Here it says basically, don't be afraid, God has prepared a place for you, there are lots of mansions. I really appreciate the lots of mansions part. This indicates that there is not just one right job or career for us. There are lots of places where we can be a blessing and can be blessed. To see these many opportunities we might have to change our thought, change our ideas of what we should be doing, change our ideas of what we should be paid, change our location, change our industry, change our attitude. But all this really means is to be humble. Those who are humble are always in demand. Humility is a very attractive quality. Let's also think of how the disciples were willing to change. They left their old ways of thinking and jobs, and followed Jesus. They changed careers, took lower pay, traveled, changed locations, were rejected, but kept pursuing the spiritual idea. They found plenty of employment. There is always a demand for inspired insights and doing good.

To new readers:
If you would like specific prayer regarding your employment situation, contact me.