Christian healing

Healing happens! I wanted a place to share the sweet stories of God's grace and power that people send to me. Lift up your heart with joy to the Lord! Rejoice, be glad, and praise God's wonderful works to the children of men.

Monday, February 06, 2006

A marriage healed

On Sunday morning between the two weeks of Christian Science Class Instruction I walked to a nearby church with a friend, a man whom I had met in class. As we entered church we saw our classmates seated and decided to join them. My friend entered the pew aisle first, I sat beside him on the end of the pew. As we were waiting for the service to begin I heard a voice say “This is your husband.” I looked at my friend and thought “OK”. We were married two months later (it takes that long to order a wedding dress) and we’ve been married for 23 years.

At one point my marriage was not happy. I had been praying about the situation for some time, but still really struggling. I was out one evening driving and crying. I reached out to God for direction, for peace. I heard a clear voice say “Trust.” I thought “Trust who?” I didn’t feel there was anyone I could trust at that moment. The voice said “Trust God”. I went home. Though times were tough I trusted God to supply a harmonious outcome. I did not outline what the solution should be; just that God would provide harmony. The marriage difficulties were healed so completely that one friend commented, “There doesn’t seem to be even a scar on your marriage.” That was 18 years ago and harmony has prevailed.

- Susan