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Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Christian Science Monitor's Peter Ford visits high school

When Gary, the children and I moved to Paris, we had to give up our wonderful subscription to The Christian Science Monitor because we can only receive a weekly international edition over here by mail! I was going in to Paris (one hour each way on the METRO) to the Reading Room to buy an occcasional copy or two. It was time consuming and the cost is high too because the newspaper is imported from the USA and right now the euro/dollar exchange is horrid. So, when I heard about the online version it was a real blessing for us. We now have the paper five days a week just like you all do!!!

I love the MONITOR and read it from cover to cover when I have time. One day recently, I read an article by Peter Ford about how natural disasters affect geopolitics. I was delighted, because he mentioned the Enlightment in the article and I knew that the 9th grade at American School in Paris has been studying the evolution of the Age of Enlightment, Reason, Industrial Revolution, etc. So, I sent Donald a copy via email, and printed one for him to take to his teacher. In the meantime I noticed that the author listed Paris as the origin of the article!

I was wondering if it could it be possible that Peter Ford lives in Paris,and one thought led to another and I ended up writing to the "From Our Readers" section asking if Mr. Ford would like to visit my son's class. I considered it a longshot, but still within the realm of possibility. Surprisingly, he responded and said he would be delighted to visit the class. I forwarded the reply and Donald's teacher made the arrangements for the visit. What is really great is that Donald's teacher told me that he is especially happy to have Peter visit, because he had been recommending the MONITOR as a source of very unbiased reporting to the students!!! I have been invited (to Donald's chagrin) to come and hear Peter Ford speak to the class at the school in February. I will be very quiet and try not to embarrass Donald!

Just thought you would enjoy hearing of the wonderful reputation the paper has and of the willingness of the staff to share with the community here!

I just want to add that it is wonderful to be able to click on an article and email it to someone, which is something one cannot do with the regular edition. I have always been inclined to share MONITOR articles with others, but I have noticed a big increase in the quantity of things I am sharing with others now!!! I send, to Gary (who is working in Spain,) a lot of things , especially the daily religious/spiritual article. In one month I probably share ten to twenty articles with others!