Christian healing

Healing happens! I wanted a place to share the sweet stories of God's grace and power that people send to me. Lift up your heart with joy to the Lord! Rejoice, be glad, and praise God's wonderful works to the children of men.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Prayer and computers

Remember when I asked you about praying for computer? I think I told you that mine at the time was on the fritz. Well I got it out today to send to a man to fix it, but I decided to see if it was still incapacitated. Well I am grateful to be able to tell you that it is alive, so to speak. Working fine like nothing was ever wrong. Whenever I thought about my computer before now I would start praying for it knowing that everything worked the way it was made to work and that that was divine law, and that nothing could be out of place in God's kingdom. It worked.
-A. West