Christian healing

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Thursday, June 07, 2007

Healing translated from Spanish

On April 20th. of this year I had a surgery done in the neck of the ovary due to a small ulcer which I had. That same day the doctor made a biopsy because he said that he saw something which he didn´t like. When he saw the results he said that he had to send me to a hospital in Mexico City since what they had to do could not be done locally because they didn´t have the proper medical equipment, and as a result of this I was sad, and I felt powerless, since I was still recuperating from the first surgery and then I had to have another.

During the weekend I remained with my husband and with my parents-in-law and some friends in Tam, a fishing house, (a place near Victoria City). I was feeling very bad and more morally than physically and was downhearted, and then my mother-in-law and her brother who are Christian Science Practitioners told me that they could pray for me in Christian Science and I gave my consent to do so . My mother-in-law gave me copies of testimonies of healing which motivated me to continue with this. She also sent me an e.mail which I read every night and which said that God is my only doctor and that which was not created by God doesn´t exist and his infinite Love surrounds us and is always working. It was then when I began to calm down and to think positively in the fact that all was going to be well.

The date of the appointment in Mexico arrived and when I had to register my name in order to leave all the documentation, the receptionist asked me my name and told me that another person with the same name like mine (another Marlenne) had come before me to have a consultation but that they sent her to have breakfast since it was necessary to have breakfast before having anesthesia and since I have had breakfast I was the first one to come in. When the Doctor began to check me before having surgery she said to me: "Well what do you think that you don´t have anything which your file indicates? Now let me go and get the medical file to be sure." She left the room and the first thing that came to my mind was to give thanks to God, but all of a sudden I began to have some doubt thinking that perhaps the Doctor had made a mistake and had seen the medical file of the other person that had my same name and I felt desperate and I began to pray asking God to be true what the Doctor had said.

When the Doctor and the nurse returned to the room they continued to check me out while the assistant was reading what my file said about me and the Doctor repeated:" well, you don´t have anything" and she told me :"I would have not asked you to come from a long way because you don´t have anything that appears in your file.

Back in the Doctor´s office she said to me that she was not sure if I had something after all and it disappeared all of a sudden, and that there was no reason for me to make a new appointment because she was releasing me.

On the way out of the hospital my husband phoned my mother-in-law to give her the news and we were all happy. I give thanks to God for everything which he has given me. I have health and a husband which I love and a marvellous family. Thanks to Christian Science and the prayers of the Practitioners and the inconditional support.
- Sra. Hernández,
Tam. México.